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this game was lovely! the art, the music, everything was well done. such a shame it ended on a cliffhanger I was really excited to play more :(

Hi! I really loved the art, the feel and the music of the game (it's so cute yet simple and sets the tone for a somber mood). 

However, I seem to be stuck at the point and click investigation stage, could you give some advice so I can advance? T.T

Hello! The intended order of selection progression is to select the key > clock (poorly indicated by the little rectangle with 4 lines) > desk drawer. The story advances by itself shortly after the drawer is opened and you see the item inside.

Thanks for playing and enjoying the atmosphere!! Please let me know if there are any issues!

I clicked in that order but the text still says "the drawer is locked tight" :(

Ohh no.. I'll have to look into it! It's been a while since I've revisited the code for this small game but I believe something you can do on your end is delete the game and redownload it to start the game anew or you can attempt to delete the persistent data, similar to how it's explained here (except the game name should be shadeofblue).

I'm really sorry about the issue- I'm still learning and seem to have trouble with this sort of thing in my other games, but once I figure it out once and for all, I'll try to update this game as soon as possible.


Pretty quickly, I noticed the custom touch you put on exit pop-up menus, and the renpy quick menu at the bottom of the screen. That's a nice font. I don't even know how your game is supposed to feel yet, but it helps it feel like *something* for sure.

There's a prevalently soft, somber mood, strengthened with the color scheme and stakeout/partnership context of the story.

I take it you used imagemaps for the point-and-click "investigation" section of the game? That's SO cool, I hadn't ever considered ren'py being capable of replicating that functionality. The music change (to an upbeat jazzy tune, I think?) was very good as well -- I immediately got the hint that it was time to Interact with the game differently.

.... However... I seem to be stuck here. I believe the key will be used to unlock the small drawer, and I found my partner's badge in the couch, but I don't seem to have an inventory system with which to access/use them...

I hope I'm not missing out on anything. ^^ I found A Shade of Blue overall to be intriguing, and am fairly certain that my partner will confess her undying love and attraction to me if all goes well. 

The art and gui are lovely and to-the-point, which I find comforting to look at. I love seeing Tanya's sprite pop up to make commentary towards the end, and that very PW/GT reaction of "Why did I try to put my hand in there...?" (Or something similar. It made me smile.)

I'm looking forward to seeing even more of your process in your devlog!

I'm really glad you enjoyed the experience, and thank you so much for the feedback!!

Ah, about the inventory- I truly didn't have the time or programming capacity to implement that feature so in context of the game the key is just sitting there, waiting to be used when needed, haha. However, at that point the notebook with a number lock in the desk drawer should have revealed itself and from there you look for something with a four-digit number, which is the flip clock (which was illustrated by... 4 lines in a rectangle).

I thought that since the key progression items (key, flip clock, drawer) were close to each other, that would carry the player toward the end. In retrospect I should have made the clock a little more recognizable and that's my bad.

But again I'm thrilled you found the game to be enjoyable in all it's simple glory! I'm really glad the overall tone reads well and that the investigation scene works as intended! Thank you for playing!