A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The killing game between hope and despair continues...

10 students are trapped in a mansion, with only one requirement for escape, to kill each other.


Danganronpa: Lapse is a non-profit kinetic novel based on the series Danganronpa, by Kazutaka Kodaka, and bears no affiliation with Spike Chunsoft.

DR:L is being developed by an individual, Cynthia.
If there are any issues, please comment on this page.


It's Chapter 1, chock full of questions, answers and more questions, oh my!


Additional content:

Version updates:

  • 1.2 [Jan 8, 2020]: Amended game crashing save issue.
  • 1.1 [Oct 20, 2019]: Added a line to assist a trial question.
  • 1.0 [Oct 15, 2019] : First release.

Install instructions

Download the file and run executable.


DanganRonpaLapseChapter1 ver1.2 for pc 402 MB
DanganRonpaLapseChapter1 ver1.2 for mac 384 MB


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dang i wish my computer was'nt TRASH so i could play it




the art looks so good and im excited to play it!


Hi, loving the game so far. About the bug in the freetime event 2, i encountered it too and i think i know the cause : The if statement is set to only find lyle if the variable FT2 is equal exactly to 3, but if you accidentally talk to another student twice, it goes up to 4 and beyond. Dont know if you already figured this out, but i thought id leave it here!

I really like all the references to Hotel Dusk. The name of MARCEL OSTERZONE is mentioned!!!!! You did a great job!!

Excuse me, there is a bug.

I love this game so much, but so far the only problem is when I got to the part where everyone started questioning their talents, I am not able to ask Lyle Termina. It keeps on redirecting me to Sei Konno. Is there anything I should do?


Can I just point this out there? (btw I got it worked. I reinstalled the game.)

Can I point this out?

I LOVE ZERO. He is just mood haha

I think the game glitched on me. I am on the discussion with everyone. The same conversations keep repeating itself, "Echo, I believe you have heard.." and after the character is done, every character just repeats themselves again and again.


Were you trying to make this game like mafia game and werewolf game? It is like a group of people were locked in one room/ house and two of the people need to kill other people and not get found out. Each person in the group has a role like your game?

That's just how Danganronpa is, I think, but it's definitely really similar to Mafia/Werewolf. (ig that explains why I have so much fun with both of them haha)


WOW. Finally played through this tonight after starting the Prologue yesterday. I was a little confused during the class trial with the logic of the music, but as I started putting it together, I realized what you were going for! 

I first want to say, holy crap, congratulations. This is EXTREMELY high quality, and I'm completely blown away by the quality of the puzzle, the characters, the art, and how nostalgic this makes me feel for another Danganronpa game. It definitely feels in-universe. I haven't felt this bad or loved a murderer in a long time :( 

If you ever have time to go back to this, I think a couple of things could be helpful for players:

1. I would love if you could put in flags so that once you talk to someone during free time, you don't have the option to talk to them again! You can also set it so that once you talk to everyone, it automatically ends Free Time. This is a really small nitpick, and maybe you incorporated it into Ch2 already, but when I originally saw the option to talk to people again, I thought I had the opportunity to trigger different dialogue...

2. There definitely would be strong benefits to including some more CGs. I know how intensive those are, so if I could pick just a few, I think including some during Echo's "breakdown" section of the timeline would be really helpful, sort of like the "The culprit is YOU!" comic chapters in the canon Danganronpa games. I think you could even get away with making them chibis or something, to show it's a memory. It would have helped me put the timeline together, especially since I struggle to remember the names of people but could remember what they looked like.

3. Going back to the music relevance for the class trial, I think I could have used an extra line or two clarifying about Echo's condition. Initially, it made me confused about what I heard and what it meant in the context of the scene. 

4. Since you have the tech for choosing the culprit at the end, I would love to be able to call out that individual during the music revelation as well! That's mostly because, again, I struggle with names but remember faces much better though...

SUPER EXCITED TO JUMP INTO CHAPTER 2!!!! AAAAAAAAAA... best of work on this project! 

Oh my gosh SAM!! Thanks for the comprehensive feedback!!!
I'm really flattered that you think so highly, honestly... DRL is super work in progress but I'm glad at very least it's going in a good direction based on your comment!

I apologize for the confusion the Free Time Event has caused- I actually didn't learn about utilizing that sort of basic mechanic until very recently and I plan to amend that with my newfound knowledge!

And thank you for highlighting the areas of improvement within the trial regarding CGs and the initial music culprit selection, as well as adding extra dialogue regarding Echo's condition! I still have a lot to learn so informing me of areas that leave more to be desired is well received since I admit having tunnel vision in developing this story.

I definitely have huge plans to go back and expand on a lot of concepts planted in the first half of this series (Prologue/Ch1/Ch2) as I streamline the foundation moving forward to the latter half (Ch3/4)! Your comment gave me a ton of good insight on the user experience side of the game's interactivity and I'm super grateful you took the time to do so!

Hey! So, I'm in Chapter 1, and I'm having a glitch. I'm in the 'Who have we not heard from?' screen and I've clicked on everyone, and I'm not sure what else to do. I clicked on Lyle, then it said 'Let's try to find Sei' and I've already talked to her--Help?


Hi, sorry about that issue!

The intended method of continuation is to talk to Sei, Kanon and Forte (doesn't need to be in that order) at least once before selecting Lyle. Try reloading the game from any point before that and select the students as mentioned above.
Please let me know if you have any further issues and I'll try to walk you through another solution.

HI! I did that, I saw you mention that in another comment, and it didn't work. I even started Chapter 1 from the beginning and it still didn't work.


Sorry for the late reply, I was trying to replicate the problem on a separate machine but couldn't seem to get it...

You can try to delete the persistent data which will be located in both the game's files under [saves], as well as in your main save directory. Depending on your platform, that save directory will be found in different places as shown:

Mine on a Windows system, for example:

Deleting everything in both the game > saves file and the save directory (in AppData) file will clear out all saves and persistent data, resulting in a clean slate. It should look like this in both files.

From here, the game will act like new and the choices should work as intended.

Please let me know if you need any more assistance!

Thank you so much, restarting and getting rid of all the saves worked, and I'm back to where I should be, I talked to them in the order you said to and it didn't glitch out.


I'm very glad because I love this game so much, it's the closest I've ever seen to a REAL Danganronpa fangame. I'm very curious though, I want to see the announcer (Is it Monokuma? Is it someone else?) I don't know!! I'm looking forward to the rest of Chapter 1, then 2, and 3 when it comes out. You're doing such a great job, please keep working on this! If you put your heart and soul into it like you are, it'll turn out amazing.

Okay. I have a few things to say about this...

First off. love the idea and I love your dedication to this project. But I have a few gripes and questions.  to avoid spoilers, i will use (Killer name) and (Murder location) to avoid spoiling for others.

1: I dont get how (Killer name)  couldn't have just gone to the (Murder location) before the murder and heard the music...? That evidence made no sense.

2:  I was a tad disapointed to figure out that (killer name) had a lackluster motive, so I was at least excited for the execution...

3: the execution was a text wall and two pictures... A lackluster case with a lackluster killer and a lackluster execution to boot.

I understand that drawing and coding is a real hard feat, but in future updates. But I dont want to be a negitive nancy. ill tell you my positives.

1: I LOVE THE CHARACTER DESIGN! each character is diferent and unique, and it is in a diferent style then normal danganronpa's and it works!

2: I like the setting. it give a nice change to the usual "school" environment.

Some nitpicks I have are simply it feels very dry. i like it and I will continue to chapter 2 but as it stands it feels incomplete. Im not trying to say your effort so far is invalid, because i ADORE this! but I want to make sure you are getting some other feedback to improve upon where I see flaws.

please dont take this in a bad light! 

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate you taking the time to construct such in-depth feedback since thus far I haven't encountered much criticism. Which isn't to say I'm perfect and immune to it (because of course not!), but I would love nothing more to be brought aware to the areas I'm lacking, since it helps me focus on areas to improve. 
I fully admit that I'm not a strong/confident writer so I'm painfully aware of my faults when it comes to writing a mystery since I'm my own huge critic as well, but I'm also in my own head a lot so your points have shed a lot of light on my shortcomings! Especially regarding the case involving the killer + motive & trial logic; I'm crafting a rather specific situation in the overall scheme of things so it does require some mental calisthenics to believe some of the things occurring. But I also realize that my existing dry writing style itself doesn't lend itself to the high stakes killing game scenario I've found myself writing.

If I may be candid, at a certain point in my planning, the execution was never going to be a huge presentation (despite Danganronpa being remembered for those short movies). It's simply beyond my capabilities at this moment. It was a feature I cut for my own sake since I was more focused on the overall story I was trying to tell. I might consider retroactively adding them in the future, since I did create storyboards for many of them, but as of writing this, I simply don't have particularly strong feelings about animating them.

Once again, thanks for the feedback! I'll be considering these points and applying them to strengthen my writing and story execution going forward! And I hope to hear further improvements I can make for Chapter 2 as well! ๐Ÿ‘

I juts wanna say that I love this project and I got really attached to the characters,especially Lyle,he reminds me about Kokichi,who is my favorite character in the whole game

So...I love your style,the way you write,and I'm really excited for chapter 3 

I hope (Nagito,go away) it releases soon :3

I'm in love with this game,like really,I can't wait to see what's coming next

Is there gameplay for classtrials? like shooting truth bullets and every minigame? or is it just a visualized novel only?

There's very little actual gameplay besides requiring user input at certain times. Lapse is a kinetic novel rather than a full game since I only have myself working on the whole production.

Never the  less, for using an application like RenPy, the game play was pretty good. It gave the trial just enough interactivity to be fun and exciting. 

How long does it take for each chapter!?

Gameplay for each chapter runs generally 1-2 hours, depending on how fast you read.

As for development, the prologue and Chapter 1 took about a month, and Chapter 2 took 2 months.

Yay! I cannot wait to see that happens! How many chapters will there be?

Thank you, I'm planning for 5 chapters!

Great! Iโ€™m very excited to see how you do!! <3

(2 edits)

I'm a big ol' clown and, started playing this before the prologue somehow, I realized my mistake as soon as everyone sat down for dinner which I find hilarious that I didn't notice "Hey, the pacing on this is a little... weird-" or, anything... haha, luckily I was hardly spoiled on anything.

(Also, I adore your art style!)

Thank you! & Oh no, luckily there's nothing too damning in the first few minutes of Chapter 1... but I can imagine how strange it is for the story to jump right in like that, haha! I have a collection right here for ease of access, if needed!


Honestly, I physically laughed at myself for it since I knew there was a prologue yet, I still managed to install the wrong one, haha.

Also, thanks for the collection link!

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can i just note that forte looks like v4flower? beautiful

plus you did this all by yourself that's amazing


Thank you!

Hehe, yeah someone else brought it up too, and I thought it was very fitting for Forte! However Forte is actually based lightly on Simon Blackquill ๐Ÿ˜… (https://aceattorney.fandom.com/wiki/Simon_Blackquill) an interesting coincidence nonetheless!


I had so much fun with this. The trial was probably a little too short, but for an opening case I think it worked great! I got Professor Layton vibes from the whole thing it was so good, and the series of questions leading up to the revelation which was just pink text on a white background was so effective, loved it. Can't wait to experience more! <3

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'm particularly fond of the question segment myself so I'm pleased to hear you thought of it so!

Chapter 2 is coming along swimmingly, so there's more excitement to be had soon! ๐Ÿ˜„


This was a lot of fun! Despite being relatively short (either that or I just have no life and the lack of voice acting got me through the trial quicker) it still made me emotional :(
I love all the characters so much and I really didn't want the victim to be who it was (the same applied to the culprit)
The only thing I'd really suggest is to maybe make the investigations a bit more than just one scene? I do admit the investigations aren't quite the best part of the game but doing the trial with only a couple pieces of evidence really left me clueless until the 'closing argument' per se.

Thanks so much for enjoying the story so far!

As for the investigation, this one's length is wholly intentional. I meant for it to introduce the player to my style of presenting the investgation which is segmented into two parts: discussion slides for other character dialogue/observations and point-and-click for scene observations. So in chapters going forward, as players continue through my take on the DR format, there's an established concept from the get-go that's easy to grasp. With that being said, the second investigation coming up has a much much more to look at! Rest assured, there's more interactivity to be had soon! Thank you greatly for your feedback and I hope you stay tuned for Chapter 2!


I absolutely love this fangan so far! Me and my sister played both the Prologue and Chapter 1 in one day, and it was super fun (and really sad)!

Keep up the  amazing work! 

Thank you, I'm happy to hear you two enjoyed it so much!

& thanks for your support, I'm doing my best to get this story out for the world..! ๐Ÿ˜Š


I absolutely love it! Such a great job! Keep going sweetheart !

Thanks much, I hope you can look forward to the second chapter!


This game is excellent! I love this chapter, and I can't wait to see how the story progresses! The twist was quite sad, but the culprits backstory was great, kindof reminds me of DR1-2 in a way. Thanks for making such a great fangame! 

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I hope you can stay tuned for Chapter 2- there are more sad twists to come for sure...!


Hey I am still not able to get past the part of the story where I need to ask the other students about the motive question. Trying to select the option to talk to Lyle still brings me to Sei's dialogue


I'm so sorry about the issue- can you walk me through your selections?
The intended method of continuation is to talk to Sei, Kanon and Forte at least once before selecting Lyle.

Please let me know if that still doesn't work and I can walk you through the process of deleting the persistent data that might be causing the problem.


Hey I was able to finish the chapter now! This really is an amazing project, and I hope you have fun making it. :) We love it!!


I'm glad you were able to finish it! & thank you for your words of encouragement, I appreciate your support! ๐Ÿ˜„


I really enjoyed this chapter ! Looking forward for the next one ! 

Thanks so much for playing! Chapter 2 is in the works at this very moment! :D