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youve shattered my heart- and unfortunately thats a good thing, you realy know how to write good characters and a story  the game is amazing so far,  im excited for the next chapter:)

I can't stop crying these characters keep tearing up my heart god dam it

i had to watch a gameplay of chapter 1 bc there was a bug and i am ready to play chapter 2!


Someone made a trailer of your game!


the way you executed the killer was brutal, i actually felt it. It sounds like it hurt so god damn bad.. :(


btw awesome game, cant wait for chapter 3!


THIS ONE IS SO GOOD! I've been playing it with my friends and can't wait to see what comes in the next chapter. The twists...the vibes...THE ART! I am so excited it's unreal. 

oh also!! the way that you write people's responses to the deaths (particularly Echo's) is great. I can really see how much despair they're in - it's much more realistic than I'd expected from a game! I love it here. 


do i need to get ALL the chapters to play the full game, or get the latest completed chapter?

All of them, each chapter comes as it's own game


WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! U MAKE ME CRY!!!!! (But in all seriousness, this game is truly amazing, Srsly. I mean, the art, drama, and everything about this screams amazing. Plz tell me u will make more!) in despair.

lol D:

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When is  chapter 3 going to be done?


Holy shit, this chapter broke me....That's all I can say. This chapter had me at the loss of words. But for serious, the crime in this chapter was so fun to solve although it hurt cuz' my husbando died. The writing was fantastic and I felt many feels for both the culprit, the victim and Echo...It's just too many feels for my poor heart. I also liked how almost everyone was involved in the trial, you know refuting the statements and all. I just think it was a nice touch. The other thing that impressed me was the "Refute" and "Agree" poses(?). It not a big detail but it really enhanced the quality of the trials! This is, hands down, the best and the most top quality and unique fangame I ever played, period.


I cried when Ash died and Echo went depressed because its like when (spoilers for V3) Kaede died and Shuichi was so upset. So many feels QwQ

question : what program was this made on?

i'm pretty sure it's using Renpy

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Lyle is my favorite boi, this chapter only made it better. I thought he was more close to Kokichi in the first chap, but now?? He feels a lot more like, well, himself (and he has a good Togami-Ouma vibe, though Lyle has his own special flavor). I absolutely love him! I'm yet to finish, but oh god am I cheering for my special puzzlemaster boy.

Also, particularly, my favorite talent is his










omg WE PLAYING AS LYLE NOW???? omg i am fangirling. i am dying. throw that ding dong bing bong at me i am thoroughly dead and as I'm playing and nearing the end of the trial (I've seen the execution already) He's Now Even More Of A Fave

Do you have a release date for chapter 3 yet?

The game is perfect and made me realize I never cared about my best friend like how Ash did to Echo. Damn, if she died I would just cry for 3 days and be like 'whatever, dead is dead'.

Great gaaamee!


Late to the party, but amazing job with chapter 2! I really like the direction Cyrus's character took, and the art this chapter was a huge step up in variety and impact, the character poses were all great, as were the "scene" arts. Really great overall! I especially like the way the trial format is used in this, and how it ties back to the themes of "lapse", really made that clear! Can't wait to see what's next! 


im sobbing like a fool over a fictional character. such a good game, can't wait for chapter 3!!


this game is very good but it made me sad. I kinda expected the ending since in the beginning I thought I saw horse shoes. Which I remembered back that she also was a pro in horse riding.

I love this game but it is making me very sad.

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Hey,one question...

Lyle was a little bit inspired by Kokichi?

Because they share a similar vibe to me

Ps: Kokichi is my favorite character,and so is Lyle

and also,how do pronunciate his name?

it's like "lai-le" or "lee-le"?


Not really; whenever I write for Lyle I draw inspiration more from Togami, but even that's a stretch.  His name is pronounced like you're saying "[lie]-le". I can see where people think he's Kokichi adjacent, haha. It's just coincidence that Lyle's a purple antagonist figure!

Me, sitting down to finish this on my birthday: :D 

Me, laying on the floor after the ending: D': 

Wow, my heart. Some of the new art in particular broke me, and I think this is where your art background and framing really shone for the comic-like portions. 


Echo was so, SO small. I wanted to desperately to protect them, and seeing them crying alone on their bed was truly gut-wrenching for me. Also loved how I had several "A-HA!" moments during the trial.

Also can't wait to find art book refs of those other students WHICH I HOPE YOU'LL INCLUDE...!!

Happy birthday Sam 😂😂 I'm VERY sorry.

Thank you for playing!!! I'm really glad you liked the new art scenes, it was tough to find a balance between just letting the sprites run through scenes and drawing entirely new scenes for things, but I think I have an idea now of where they're necessary!

The trial was sooo hard to write so I'm simply glad you had an "a-ha" moment at all..!!

And I do have some bust illustrations of the other students in an extra reading post here!


Chapter 2 broke me but I still managed to crawl back here to leave a comment about how amazing this story is. Despite the feels, this chapter was really nice. Well done and thanks for your hard work !


Ohhhhhhhh wow. This game is amazing, kudos to you! I absolutely cannot wait for the next chpater!

Ok,I'm broken inside,really


Just gonna kick my feels in the dick then huh


This chapter broke my heart, and I'm not even exaggerating!

(Spoilers ahead!)

Echo just being overall broken after Lyle and everyone else said that Ash was the culprit was so sad! Just the overall despair that sprung around, this chapter was executed perfectly! I'm so excited for chapter three to come out!

I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed it! I'm definitely going for a very specific flavor of despair and heartbreaking is just part of the scheme..! 😂 Thank you for your enthusiasm, I'm working hard on bringing the despair!🥀

Looking forward to it!!(Kind of a bit not for the heartbreaking despair of my favourites probably dying) But uh, would I be able to cosplay Echo, perhaps? When I get the money I mean.

Despair has been unleashed upon the world but a sliver of hope remains! I promise it won't be all sad throughout Lapse...! :')

Certainly- I would love to see the cosplay as well, if you're comfortable with sharing!

Thank goodness, haha!

And yeah, totally! I'm probably gonna upload pictures on Twitter and Instagram. I'm supper excited for when I get enough money to make the cosplay!

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Spoiler ahead...

It was determined that the prime suspect couldn't have done it because they didn't have blood on their hands with there being a bloody murder weapon. Since there was no running water at the location that they went to, they supposedly couldn't have cleaned their hands.

But wasn't there alcohol at the crime scene? Not just the one used to knock a certain someone unconscious, but plenty in the background too.  And a bloody rag?

The possibility exists that they could've used alcohol and that rag to clean their hands. The rag itself might not have even been necessary if they just used something else (or even just did it over a sink) at the location that they went to.

I think that there exists certain types of odorless alcohol so it wouldn't even produce a smell on their hands, but nobody checked for this either. The possibility was never touched upon because none of the characters thought of that contradiction. 

Unless I'm mistaken, that suspect's innocence was never objectively proven, and everyone kind of got lucky that that's not what actually happened.


You bring up quite an interesting angle - I admit I never considered the possibility of alcohol being used to wash the initial suspects' hands. This was a difficult case and trial for me to write overall, so that possibility went over my head as I was more focused on the trust aspect of it all. In that case, the students really were lucky that "alcohol hand washing" wasn't the reality!

I can only earnestly say the suspect's innocence was truly proven through trust since that's what Chapter 2 revolved around- a suspension of disbelief was required for the prime suspect and once it got to the point of the kiosk message, the case would become clear given the motivations.

Thanks for bringing this contradiction to my attention, it's definitely something to consider in future cases!


Excellent new chapter! The reveals were not even close to what I was expecting, loved the twists! The depth revealed to the characters this chapter was great. Keep up the great work and I hope you have a great new year, thanks for making such a great game. c:

Thank you! This case was a challenge for me to figure out, so I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I'm working hard on getting this story out for everyone to enjoy (or rather, feel horrible from given the despair...), so I thank you for your interest in my story! Such kind support keeps me going!

& happy new your to you as well, here's to 2020!


Oh my gosh. This is brilliant. Just binged the whole game and I'm in love with your writing and the character development! Through the trials Echo's thought process matched up with my own which I rarely ever experienced before in games like these, so that was super cool :)

Can I just say you're so good at writing trials wow?! Very nice balance of evidence and suspects. I never felt like I was getting beat over the head with an obvious answer. Also just how you laid out the whole killing game scenario in general (specific to Lapse) is unique & works well too, there isn't any info overload or anything, great work!

Also! The characters, I need to freak out for a sec here... Dude I love how each character is developing on their own as the game goes on and as things happen. You can really see each one moving on their own trajectory, even comparing personalities from the prologue to the end of ch 2, there's some changes, which is good!! And they are all so likeable too! Gah I love this game <3


Thank you so much for enjoying the story so far! ☺

I'm pleased you are enjoying the trial experience! I emphasize making the discussion flow as naturally as possible while still maintaining the air of intrigue, so I'm glad it's managed to work out!
This case in particular took quite an effort to piece together in my head, so I'm very flattered that you think so highly of the case and the overarching mystery...!

& I'm especially glad you like the characters! I tried to make it a point that every character has an absolute relevance. Something I wasn't particularly fond of in the main games was with each chapter the deceased characters aren't regarded much after the point of their passing, therefore I wanted to remedy that with my own characters and their unique traits. I'm happy to hear you've caught on to the individuals' developments!

Thanks again for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment, I hope you can look forward to future installments of the Lapse story! 🥀