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i dont know how to run it? it just tells me to extract the files but if i dont do it and hit run it just tells me it cant run for some reason. please help

so i have this problem with me ofc, when i downloaded the game, opened it up, then it showed a white screen, i can still hear the music and i can click on buttons, but all it shows is white screen :/ pls help

Awesome! An amazing beginning to this great fangame!!

ive tried all I can think of but after downloading the game and extracting it, it refuses to open anyone know how to fix this?


This game is amazing! I just finished the prologue and I'm loving it! I played DR1 and DR2 but I already knew most of the twist and mysteries, so playing this game for me is like playing DR without knowing anything and I'm loving it! I also adore the art of this game, all characters look unique and stunning! I can't wait to play more. The setting of the killing game is also very intresting, it's kinda like the concept of being locked in a buliding with no way out from DR1 mixed with the luxurious and relaxing atmopshere of the island from DR2 (in my opinion, idk if you were going for this effect but that's how I feel). I really hope this game gets finished! Also the moment I saw Cyrus I was like 'Rantaro i-is that you' and I just hope nothing bad will happen to him cuz' I already love him and I'm sorry to say this but I think something really bad is gonna happen to Ashley and Pandora. I just feel it...I hope I'm wrong.

When will the game be completed? :)

Hey im having a little trouble downloading the game! I saw the earlier comments made about the issue and tried to use it but it didnt work. Basically the game file is saying i cant use it, is there any way to fix this? I have extracted the files already and tried to move the game to an english named folder like how you explained earlier, but it doesnt seem to work. Sorry for the trouble.


I've never played Danganronpa... is it still alright to play this?


Yeah! You don't necessarily need a DR background to play.

Thanks! I'm totally going to try this soon then ^^


you can play if u want, but i would reccommend playing at least one danganronpa game before u play a danganronpa fan game.

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this is really good! I'm still in the prologue and let me tell ya I will die for everyone

also is it bad that i think lyle is the next kokichi and cyrus is the secret love child of rantaro

also i gotta ask do you have a discord sever for this? :0c


Thanks for enjoying so far!

& Unfortunately, I do not- Discord stresses me out.

Neptunium! (it's a science joke since neptunium's symbol is np— i'm a nerd hhh—)

Ah well that's understandable!

Hey there! This game looks amazing and stunning, just wondering if it'll run on MacBook air? If it won't then all good. Thanks in advance for your help :))

I believe so! I don't have an Apple system on my end to test, but so far I haven't received any  issues regarding the mac versions of the game provided.


i just wanted to say, that i really love what you have done with this game and you should try to do this for a profession :).

Thanks so much! I would really love to pursue this line of work too :'D !


Its not an elephant or a dog. They need to know that it is the one, true, Funyarinpa. Blasphemy

i already love this game

i'm only a litle through the prolouge, but i am in love with this game. the dynamic characters and the adorable art style make it so good!! im totally invested. would you mind if i cosplayed any of the characters?


Thank you! I hope you enjoy the story as it unfolds, as well! ๐Ÿฅ€

& Yes you may! I would love to see pics if you're comfortable with that!

i just recently got a new computer and i wanted to download some games so i chose this series, i love danganronpa! so i downloaded the prologue and i tried to open the game but it wont work :((  it says error could not open (i haven't opened chapter 1 & 2 yet so idk if there's also an error in those games). did i do something wrong or was i missing something? like maybe missing some apps like adobe flash or whatever is missing? lol i was really confused with this error. is there something i should do? please help

Sure, would you mind explaning your steps in trying to open it?

first, i downloaded the game like how i would download any other games from then i put it in a file and extracted it, then i opened the game and it says this: 

i didn't do anything else before or after opening the game

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I believe it's an error with ren'py not supporting multiple languages in it's file path. I replicated the issue on my system with Japanese and  I got the same error. 

Try moving the game folder (DanganRonpaLapsePrologue-1.2-pc) to an English named folder and running from there. It seems to work on my end after I moved it, but please let me know otherwise.

omg it works well now ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘  i renamed the file to 'game'. thank you so so much for your help!!

Excellent! I hope you enjoy the game! ๐Ÿ‘


I've been absolutely loving this! Playing a Danganronpa game without knowing any of the twists or even characters has been a blast! Not to mention, the character design and writing is excellent. Looking forward to Chapter 3 and beyond. Keep it up!~

Thank you! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the story so far! I hope to deliver a similar suspensefulness as the main games to honor Danganronpa as a whole! ๐Ÿ˜„

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Oh my, thanks for stopping by and playing ๐Ÿ˜Š I hope you enjoyed it regardless your background knowledge on Danganronpa!
& I'm very flattered to know you'd like to support the game; your appreciation and enjoyment speak volumes enough!


ah, go watch some danganronpa gameplay! you absolutely have to! 

here's the order so you don't get confused:
DR1/ DR the animation
DRAE/Ultra despair girls
DR3 Future 1, DR3 Despair 1, F2, D2 and so on
DR2.5 (there's no dub for this one)
DR3 Hope

I recommend all of it dubbed!


I have to say, this fangame is absolutely stunning. I'm only up to the prologue but the story is really keeping me on me tippy toes so I'm really excited to see this fangame develops. I'm telling you this game is going places. 

I hope many get to play this awesome game.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the support, it means a lot and keeps me going! ๐Ÿ˜Š
I hope you enjoy Chapter 1 after you get through the prologue, as well as the upcoming Chapter 2 which is in the thick of development at the moment!

Thank you again!


I'd like to thank you for this amazing fangame, I'm currently playing the 1st chapter and I really don't know where to post my question, but I'm kinda stuck in the first trial ^^' (It's about  naming a certain item) I'd like to know if there's a hint somewhere.

Thanks again for this amazing game.

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Thanks for your patience and for playing so far!

I've provided a guide page for ease of continuing through the story (please be warned of spoilers).

I hope this helps, and that you enjoy the rest of the game!

I feel like this is going to be so cool! Can't wait to play it! (Also gonna play it soon cause there's another game im playing. Its here ->


as a fan of the games, this looks very interesting :D


very interesting prologue! i'm very interested to see where this goes and super excited to see how all the characters adapt!

Thanks much! I appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in my story..!!