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If you ever want a voice actor, pls hire NicoB and the council of voices. Also, this is a lovely game! I cannot wait for more.


I made an account just so I can comment on this because!! Wow! I am extremely excited to see where this goes! Loving the character designs so far too and I'm so pumped to see how you add other game mechanics to this! The art is beautiful and I LOVE how you did the backgrounds! They look so neat and add a certain charm to the game? If that makes sense haha.  Also, Missy is totally stealing my heart. I think she'll definitely end up being my favorite character.

I cannot stress enough how great this looks and how good I think you've done so far.  This is a perfect little teaser because it makes me excited for more while keeping my knowledge of the game so small! Super excited to see all the twists and turns in this story. Keep working hard on this because it's going to be amazing!!

PS. I loved the little nod to 999 with the funyarinpa! The minute I saw it I was like, 'it's a dog!! Lyle is right! It's a dog!!' 


Aah, thanks so much for your comment! Honestly, I'm excited as well- I hope to meet expectations!

Translating the actual DR 'shoot down contradictions' mechanic to the heavily text-based ren'py will be tricky for sure, but I have an idea that might meet in the middle as well as keep some individuality in my approach! I admit I am cutting the anagram and other odd court features that don't particularly lend themselves to the actual discussion since I don't have the resources or interest in replicating those things.

That technical rambling aside, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this bite-sized look into the game! I'm definitely motivated by your excitement and encouragement to get more content out! & I'm especially thrilled that the funyarinpa is getting so much love...!


THIS IS SO AWESOME. I can't wait for more of the game!!!!

I love the vintage mansion setting, it's unique in terms of DR and adds a Clue murder-mystery vibe to the game. The character designs are so colorful and expressive too- every character piqued my interest in one way or another, and I've got questions about each one that I really want to be answered...

My favorite characters so far are Lyle(It's likely he lied about "making up" his correct guess of the dog painting, since he's a puzzlemaster, and his overall mysterious/seedy nature might make him an anomaly in the game) , Art(What a goofball, I absolutely love that he gets holes-in-ones all the time JUST BECAUSE HES LAZY), and Cyrus(Ultimate Charisma is a very interesting title that I feel will be relevant later on).

I'm also really interested in the "Preservation" project. These kids are living in luxury- they can order meals, have a lavish mansion to wander around in, have huge plush beds- it seems as though they're being "preserved" in top condition. So why a killing game under these circumstances?

I am totally on board with this. I've always thought about making fangans myself, but never really got the confidence to... and playing ones like these really reignite my inspiration. Keep up the awesome work!!!!

(And PS: How dare they not know what the Funyarinpa is?! It's blasphemy! >:D)


Thank you so much for enjoying it!! You're right on the money- I'm extremely pleased that the Clue mansion + unique DR setting vibe reads! Thanks for liking the characters too- their silliness is the most fun aspect of this project!

I'm also super happy to have sparked some inspiration and I hope you can feel confident enough to put your own idea out to the world as well! For me it was just a matter of replaying the old games several times and simply just wanting more of this kind of thing in the world. Whatever your reason, keep it close to your heart to carry you through to fruition!

Stay tuned in for future installments- I'm glad to say that the entire story has been fully outlined, so now it's just a matter of writing all the little in-between stuff. :D

Thanks again ⭐

(I'm so glad the funyarinpa made it, haha. I'm trying to insert nods to my favorite games since they inspire me so much!)