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What a fun game.
Liked the story and love the art style!

Thank you for making this game! I had a lot of fun playing it. 

The story is very well written, and the art is really fit to the theme. Using twine-like links in dialogues is also very clever!

ahhh i'm really enjoying this so far! but i think i might have hit a loop talking to starr? ive talked to sylvia previously but it seems im still looping over decisions w "hidden side" / "music" and neither alternate options seems to break it. 

Ohh no!! For that section, the route is to start with Starr, select the 'music' choice (I believe it's that one, I can't remember atm-whichever choice ends abruptly), get kicked out, talk to Sylvia (which cues the line "I have an answer to Starr's riddle") and then select either 'hidden' or 'music' again (since iirc I had the conversation flow continue to the other choice if you got one answer right). If that doesn't work there might be some flag shenanigans that might have passed me by... but that chunk of mishap is a mistake on my part, in retrospect I really should have added additional dialogue to further direct players ;;

Very professional!


it started out well, but i got stuck in a loop talking to loren once we all got to the lodge.  everytime the conversation ended, it'd just restart again.  putting it on auto didn't fix anything either.


Thanks for taking the time to play!

Can you tell me where exactly this issue occured? There is a dialogue loop in the beginning, but a chunk of dialogue should be a different color and an exclamation mark should pop up next to Rocky, indicating that the different color dialogue should be clicked.

i think that might've been it! thanks for helping! :)